Getting your perfect tattoo


There are more decisions than just picking a design off the wall or pintrest to getting a tattoo. Tattoos are a mark on your body that if done correctly will be there the rest of your life. These choices shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is a quick guide to making the correct decisions for getting your tattoos.


Safe Tattoos

Getting your tattoo should be a responsible decision. Just like going to the Dr. or Dentist you expect them to be doing the correct steps to make it safe for you. This is not always the case.  Someone’s kitchen or basement might not be a good decision. Here are a few things to look for when getting your tattoo.


What to look for:

Clean sterile environment

New needles and tubes

Surfaces covered in some sort of disposable surface barriers

For your artist to change gloves between procedures


Choosing your Artist

Choosing your artist is sometimes more important than choosing your design. As in any profession not everyone is created equal. First and foremost you must make sure they are clean and sanitary.  Other things you should look for are honesty and integrity. If they are acting like they are doing you a favor to even talk to you, might be a sign they aren’t going to care if they give you the best tattoo. Every artist should either have an online or in studio portfolio (most have both). This will have examples of their work so you can see the quality of it.


What to look for in a portfolio:

Clean consistent line work

Good saturation of color

Artistic talent


You shouldn’t be looking for the exact design you want in their portfolio. You should be looking for the quality of their work.


Choosing your Design

Now that you have found your artist you can now discuss your design. If you chose a good artist then they will be more than happy to work with you to get it perfect for you. There are usually a few exceptions such as racist, gang, or hate tattoos that most artists won’t do. Many won’t do certain parts of your body such as your face, hands and neck unless you are already heavily tattooed and already have a career.

Remember tattooers are in the service industry. If you want a certain tattoo they will do it on you. If later on you decide that you should have gotten something different, that it was your choice not theirs. It is their responsibility to do the best they can but the final choice is yours.